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Is Online Poker Illegal?

Are you a fan of internet casino games who is wondering about the legality of playing poker online? If you are an American citizen you will probably have heard that there are various changes that are affecting many casino websites and this could have put you off playing. In fact this misguided information has led a lot of people to believe that it is illegal for someone from America to play poker online. As a result many people are now turning away from their favourite game and trying to find something else that will entertain and excite them. However before you terminate your membership at a poker site you will want to know is online poker illegal in US? And this depends entirely on which site you are playing on.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that many of the websites that are out there are still accepting players from America. While many websites may have shut their doors to American players not all of them have. This simply means that you will need to find a site that welcomes American players and join up and become a member. Thankfully this is a lot easier than you might think and there are forums and other websites that will point you in the right direction if you need any help. Just take a look at my new will soon see that the world of online gambling is still open to players from the US. So if you were concerned that you would never be able to enjoy these games again there is nothing to worry about.

Next you need to know that this game has not been banned or made illegal in anyway, even though a lot of people think that it has. Many people will be concerned with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which was created in 2006. This act actually relates to how players are paid their winnings and how they can bank on these websites. The act concerned itself with the fact that money is changing hands and US citizens are benefitting when they win games and this is not taxed. It does not go into detail about banning poker online which means that you can still do this quite legally and not face any kind of penalty.

You may have noticed that many poker websites have actually closed down and this can be where much of the confusion comes from. The websites that have shut their doors to US players are any that have been publicly traded. However this has then made way for websites that offer these kind of games and many of the casino games that are out there are on privately owned website. There is nothing wrong with joining a website like this and you are perfectly legally entitled to do so. In fact these are the sites that the majority of US players are actually joining right now in order to play the games that they love and win cash prizes.

The main reason that many of these websites have had to reject American players is that they are international websites that will accept players from all over the world. As these websites are internationally based they will not pay taxes on their earnings to America and this has caused a major problem with the American government. Instead of getting on board with this kind of internet activity sites are being shut down, even though they could be making money for the country, if they were correctly taxed. With this in mind it would make more sense to allow private gambling websites based in America to trade as they could make money in taxes for the country which would be beneficial.

You should also take into consideration that there are many states within America that have not stated whether online poker is legal or illegal. To date these states are: Florida, California, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Nevada, New York, Louisiana, New Jersey, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Oregon, Texas and Washington. So if you live in any of these states you will be pleased to know that there are no rules that have been set in stone regarding gambling on websites. However, even if you want to join one of these sites you will be able to simply because this kind of activity has not been made illegal. So there is no need to think you will never be able to enjoy online poker ever again.

If you are interested in continuing to play games such as poker on websites you need to do a little bit of searching to find one that is right for you. As mentioned there are still many different websites out there that will accept players from America and all over the world. You just need to make sure you can find one of these sites and sign up to it as soon as possible. When you do this you will then be legally entitled to play whatever game you like and benefit from it financially, should you win. It is always really important to read the small print when you are joining these sites you need to make sure that your registration will be accepted.

As you can see when you are asking the question is online poker legal in US? the answer is quite simply yes. Although there are rules and legislations in place that have closed down many publicly traded gambling websites there are still those that are privately owned in operation. These are the websites that you will be able to join and enjoy a game of poker whenever you want to. It is not illegal for you to sign up to the sites providing you are over the age of 18, even if you do live in America. So if you have recently had to stop playing your favourite game online and you want to get back to the table you still can. Just make sure that you choose a website that will legally allow you to play any game of your choice.